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Lodging and its impact on grain yield and quality of tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter]. A review
Girma Ashe Ijara*
Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Center, PO Box 32, Bishoftu, Ethiopia
*Corresponding author

Tef belongs to the grass family, Poaceae, sub-family Chloridoideae (Eragrostoideae), tribe Eragrostidae, sub-tribe Eragrostae, and genus Eragrostis. Lodging can be defined as the permanent displacement of a plant from the vertical position. Lodging has the highest chances of occurring two or three months before harvesting, usually after ear or panicle emergence. It was a consequence of the use of tall varieties, of inadequate nitrogen management or of unfavorable climate conditions. In tef lodging decrease grain yield and quality, limit mechanized farm. In Ethiopia, lodging of tef is also a common phenomenon and one of the causes for the current low grain yields and leads to poor quality of tef product. The paper, therefore, aims at reviewing the lodging, its impact and the way for improving lodging as it is major constraints in tef production. Many breeding strategies have been used for lodging improvement in tef. Recently improvement of lodging resistance in tef are through modern molecular genomics approach, including tilling and eco-tilling, induced mutation, culture techniques and genetics transformation. Convectional breeding method also one method of for improving lodging in tef but there is lack of sufficient genetic variability in lodging resistance and the unfavorable correlation between lodging resistance and yield trait.

Keywords: Cereal,Chloridoideae,Eleusine crocana,Eragrostis tef,Poaceae
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