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Pineapple research and development in Ethiopia - A review
Afework Legesse*
Department of Horticulture, Jimma Agriculture Research center, Jimma, Ethiopia
*Corresponding author

Pineapple ranked third in production of tropical fruit after banana and citrus. It is a tropical fruit widely cultivated in world which can be consumed fresh or processed into various food products. The pineapple sector has enormous technological potential in both local and international trade. In this review, the status of pineapple production in Ethiopia, agro ecological adaptation areas, genetic improvement, agronomic practice such as propagation, fertilization, mulching, irrigation, planting density, earthing up and maturation and harvesting of pineapple have been discussed. Breeding pineapple is time consuming because of hetrozygosity, self incompatibility and need to improve two or more traits at same time. During 2008 to date, in pineapple breeding program about two improved pineapple varieties were released with various desirable characteristics for the low and mid altitude areas of Jimma, Agaro, Metu, Haru, Mugi and Tepi areas of south western and southern Ethiopia. However, pineapple breeding in Ethiopia is still in its infant stage. Because the use of biotechnology in agricultural development is limited, the reviewer recommended that future pineapple improvement through advanced breeding technology should be considered.

Keywords: Ananas comosus,Heterozygosity,Pineapple,Production,Propagation
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