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State, Ecological Characterization and Strategies of Sustainable Management of Plant Formations in the Mayo-Kani Division (Far North Region, Cameroon)
Tchobsala1, Djoulaiyatou Djallo1, Ibrahima Adamou1, Souare Konsala2 and Sofalne Clement3
11University of Ngaoundéré, Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences, PO Box: 454, Ngaoundere, Cameroon
2University of Maroua, Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences, PO Box: 814, Maroua, Cameroon
3General Director of ABIOGeT (Actions Pour la Biodiversité et Gestion des Terroirs), Canada
*Corresponding author

The present survey was carried out in the Mayo-Kani Division. It aimed to bring out the present state, the ecological characterization and the sustainable methods of overexploited savannas, gallery forests, afforestated and sacred savannas. Structured and semi structured interviews were realized with 140 people,  including the local populations and the authorities within the Delegation of Forests and Fauna, the Delegation of Environment and Protection of Nature, and the council authorities of the Mayo-Kani Division. The inventory of the vegetation was performed on the placettes of 20 m of radius for the trees and 5 m of radius for the bushes. The analysis of the data with the help of the software Excel, STATGRAPHICS Plus 5.0 and XLSTAT showed that the overexploited savannas and the gallery forests are highly threatened with a very alarming regression rate because of anthropical activities. The persons responsible for these primordial threats are the agriculturists (96 %) and the exploiters of non-timber forest products (89 %). The component principal analysis shows that the species have a sparse distribution on the exploited savannas and the forest galleries. The species such as Parkia biglobosa and Khaya senegalensis present serious threats in the overexploited savannas (17.02 kg/ha) and the forest galleries (23.49 kg/ha). The measures of co-management and the REDD+ mechanism are taken into account for the management of these four plant formations in the Mayo-Kani Division.

Keywords: Biodiversity, Ecological characterization, Mayo-Kani Division, Sustainable management
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