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Effects of Different Growth Media on Propagation of Horticultural Plant, Mussaenda philippica (Queen of Philippines)
S.O. Okanlawon, K. M. Babatunde*, M. A. Salau, O. A. Adekanmbi and A. R. Jmoh
Department of Agricultural Technology, The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki, Oyo State, Nigeria
*Corresponding author

An experiment was conducted to investigate suitable growth media for propagation of Mussaenda philippica (Queen of Philippines) plant. Nine different growth media were used; Topsoil, Poultry manure, River sand, Sawdust, Topsoil + Poultry manure, Topsoil + Sawdust, Topsoil + River sand + Poultry manure, Topsoil + Sawdust + Poultry manure and Topsoil + Sawdust + Poultry manure + River sand, replicated four times and arranged in a completely randomized design (CRD). This research relates generally to the use of different growth media for propagation of the horticultural plant; Mussaenda philippica. Chemical analysis of the growth media were examined and data collected were subjected to statistical analysis using t-test, fourteen weeks after planting; readings were taken at two weeks interval. The results showed varied significant levels with regards to the effects of the growing media on the measured agronomic parameters, except on the plant height which indicated non-significance (p<0.05) effect, however, Topsoil + Sawdust + Poultry manure (T8) was the best among all the growth media used for propagation because it had a more pronounced positive significant (p =0.0001) effects on number of branches and leaves, and (p<0.05) on number of roots.

Keywords: Growth media,Landscape,Mussaenda philippica,Propagation
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